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Bridal Makeup

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The Big "I Do"

Congratulations, you are getting married. How exciting! 


We all know that weddings can be daunting and I am here to make that special day easy for you. So relax, put your feet up and sip that champagne while I make you feel beautiful.


Before the trial I will be in contact with you to discuss all things wedding with you. Such as your wedding theme, the colours you wish to wear within your make-up as well as the look of make-up you are after.

This initial conversation will allow me to get a feel of your day and to tailor your look to be personal to you.

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The Trial

On the day of the trial we will perfect the make-up look you envisioned for your big day. We will work together to get a look that suits you and enhances all your best features.

The trial is the perfect opportunity to see how you will look on the day so I would advise on booking your hair trial on the same day as well as wearing a top similar to your dress and having a spray tan if this is something you are planning to do on the big day.

If there is anything that you would like changing to your look, the trial is the time to tell me, I promise I won't be offended. This is your big day after all and I want you looking your best and feeling relaxed.

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on your special day

The big day is here and you are probably feeling nervous but don't worry I am here to make you feel relaxed and beautiful.

Prior to your big day we would have discussed everything we would need to make the make-up run smoothly, I will arrive promptly with time to set up and to see how the bride is feeling.

I will then complete the make-up for the bride and any other members of the bridal party.

This is the time to relax and take a breather as this moment is all about you.

Once the make-up is complete I will make any necessary touch ups, help with anything that you require such as lacing the dress or adding accessorises to hair, then i will leave you to have the most fabulous day.

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